Twitch is feeling the heat after a new refund option was discovered, one that appears to legitimize a way of trolling streamers by taking back their subscription payment.

Dexerto said “Streamers on Twitch thrive off of ads and subscriptions to make a living. While there are ways for fans to get around the former, the latter is purely optional yet prime for abuse.Anyone who has ever watched a Twitch stream probably knows that when a streamer gets a subscription, they get out of their way to thank the viewer in some capacity and recognize the fact their content was deserving of a few bucks.However, there are some viewers who subscribe, get the streamer to comment, and then refund their subscription. All in an effort to troll the entertainer. Now, Twitch is being accused of legitimizing this behavior under the cancel subscription option.”

Now Shown by TalesofTiny on Twitter, viewers can now select “I just wanted to get a shoutout” as their reason for canceling their subscription

Here ya go trolls, here’s another zero-cost way to troll the streamer,” she remarked on the new option. “One step forward, two steps back.”


“Look, I understand having a quick refund option could be important if you accidentally gift the wrong amount of subs or hit the 3/6 month option instead of 1. I do get that,” she further added. “But why feed the trolls?”

While many agreed with TalesofTiny that this will give trolls another way to make streamers upset, some felt this option could be useful when it comes to collecting data and bringing change about.

“This could also be an opportunity for Twitch to measure who’s getting a refund because they wanted a shoutout versus who’s doing it because they hit the wrong button or else,” a user noted in the comments. “This could run for couple of months before they decide how to tackle the real issue behind it.”

“The only even remotely logical reason to have that as an option is if automated to prevent them from subbing again for a shout out or attention. I kinda have doubts about it being set up that way though,” another stated.

Source(s) Dexerto, TalesofTiny

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