Having been blocked from Toronto Ultra’s recent $100K Warzone tournament, Dr Disrespect appears to have cleared the air and is now be eligible to compete in all the biggest Call of Duty battle royale events again.

Dexerto says “With six figures on the line in the latest Warzone tournament, Dr Disrespect had a team ready to go. The two-time was all set to drop in with popular CoD streamer Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, though their plans were quickly shot down.Tournament organizers pulled Dr Disrespect from the event without giving a reason on Feb 28. “They said Doc is not allowed,” ZLaner explained. His best guess was “it has to do with [Doc’s] Twitch ban.” Due to being blocked on the Amazon-owned platform, he’s unable to play alongside friends that stream on Twitch.Naturally, viewers around the world were frustrated by the situation, but all appears to have been resolved just days later; according to the YouTube superstar himself, the Doc is once again eligible for all high-profile Warzone competitions.”

“It’s bulls*** that they wouldn’t let you compete,” a super loyal viewer said in the beginning of Doc’s March 8th stream on YouTube. “Your energy is needed in these [Warzone] tournaments.”

“Well, we’re allowed to compete,” Doc said without any thought or hesitation.  “Flip phone rang the other day, good news: we can compete in Warzone tournaments again.”


As he recently missed out on a huge prize pool of 100k, nothing seems to be stopping him from playing this next one. “However, there still appears to be a degree of confusion surrounding the original event ban.”

“Why did they even not let you do it?” Doc asked himself. “I don’t know man. I mean, I designed like half the maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare! But I don’t really like to talk about myself. I don’t wanna get into it.”

It could have been the Twitch-related issues that Dr Disrespect is unable to talk about on stream, or it could have been something else completely different. Just like his actual ban on Twitch, it seems as though this Warzone drama will also remain shrouded in mystery, for now at least.

Source(s) Dexerto, Dr Disrespect

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