A Call of Duty leaker has claimed that Verdansk will never return to Warzone after the impending nuke event, not even as a limited-time mode map.

Dexerto says “For quite some time, Warzone players have been asking for a new map – or at least massive changes to Verdansk, just to help freshen things up a bit.Rebirth Island was added following the integration with Black Ops Cold War, but some fans have been left disappointed by it – given it’s not exactly the main map like Verdansk is.Changes have been made to Verdansk recently, with a shipwreck bringing Zombies to the southeast part of the map. However, it looks like the Warzone map will be no more following the impending Nuke event.”

Verdansk Train Station in CoD Modern Warfare
Activision / Infinity Ward

Various Cod leakers have been saying the current warzone map will be no more on March 11th making way for a new map set in the Ural Mountains. Though those claims were wrong said another report saying the new map is coming in April.

But after Verdansk disappears it has been said that it will never returned according to Tom ‘Long Sensation’ Henderson.


“The current plan for Warzone is that Verdansk will never return. There’s no separate playlist, map voting, or anything like that. Warzone is Warzone and Warzone is 1 map. Warzone will continue to change its map as the story progresses,” the YouTuber and gaming leaker tweeted.

“Henderson noted that he’ll have “more at a later date,” after adding that he speculated himself about a possible return to Verdansk that would come at a year or two down the line.”

Source(s) Dexerto, Tom ‘Long Sensation’ Henderson, Activision / Infinity Ward

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