It looks like the next Marvel crossover skin in Fortnite Season 5 will feature Ant-Man, if the latest hunter portal and a teaser from Epic Games is anything to go by.

Chapter 2 Season 4 of Epic Games’ wildly successful battle royale was basically a giant Marvel takeover, with the likes of Black Widow, Iron Man, Venom, and Storm getting their own skins in the game.

The game’s map also got a superhero-themed upgrade, with locations based on many of the franchise’s most beloved characters, including the ominous Doom’s Domain and a Black Panther monument.

Fortnite Ant-Man Teaser Image
Epic Games / Marvel

Dexerto says “Players were left a little confused, though, when Ant-Man didn’t get a skin. He had his own landmark called Ant Manor, after all, so it only seemed fitting that he’d appear in the game eventually.While that didn’t happen in Season 4, it seems now is the time for the fan-favorite Marvel character, as new leaks — and a clever teaser from Epic — suggest he’ll be making his long-awaited arrival on The Island before Season 5 is over.”

Fortnite Ant-Man skin revealed

Through Season 5, multiple hunter portals have appeared across the Island to hint a new pop-culture crossovers, as Agent Jonesy brings in hunters from various franchises to secure the loop.


The latest Hunter portal was shared to us by leakers ShiinaBR and VastBlast, and it is super clear on the sound effects and photo that they are hinting that the Marvel Super Hero Ant Man will be released in game.

“This also lines up with the box of hunter ‘hints’ that was sent out to prominent Fortnite players like Ali-A, as one of the only remaining clues that hadn’t been ticked off yet was an Ant Farm.”

Some perceptive fans quickly found a hidden teaser: “a tiny Ant-Man can be seen standing on Cable’s arm. This reveal sent players into a frenzy and practically confirmed their suspicions that Ant-Man would be joining the game before the end of Season 5.”

Ant-Man in Fortnite teaser
Epic Games

Fortnite Ant-Man skin release date

We don’t know exactly when players will be able to buy the Marvel Ant Man skin and any other potential cosmetics. While Epic has continued releasing hints and teasers for the superhero’s tie-in, they haven’t officially announced his addition to the store.

Source(s) Dexerto, ShiinaBR, VastBlast, Epic Games

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