Minecraft sensation TommyInnit has said he may have to scrap streaming on Twitch, or at least seriously reduce it, to focus on his YouTube channel instead.

Not many streamers have grown in popularity just quite like TommyInnit. The British streamer joined Minecraft’s biggest content creators – the Dream SMP – back in July 2020, and he’s gone on to reach more milestones than he’s had hot dinners.

Back in December, Tommy gained over 1,000,000 followers to take him just over the 4,000,000 mark on Youtube

TommyInnit wearing minecraft helmet and sword
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“I am a YouTuber now,” he told his audience. “And I have no idea how much I’ll be streaming now. Dead seriously, I know it’s two days in a row and it might be more days in a row. No more promises this month.”

And fortunately for Tommy, his audience understood where he was coming from and supported him.

“This is the time for YouTube,” he added. “You understand that my status as a YouTuber [is] pog. I know I know you all know this because all of you are just spamming PogChamp.”

His streaming frequency has already been in a decline. While in December he was streaming almost every day, Tommy has only streamed on eight days throughout February.


“It’s also worth considering that Tommy is still only 16 years old, and won’t be going full-time with content creation until he’s completed his college qualifications. He once had to end a stream early after spontaneously remembering he had homework due.”

Managing two multi-million audience channels and a full-time education isn’t exactly an easy balancing act.

Whatever he decides to do, it’s hard to see TommyInnit’s popularity falling anytime soon.

Source(s) Dexerto, Youtube

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