Lazarbeam’s YouTube stream crashes amid Fortnite Icon skin hype

Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott, one of Fortnite’s biggest content creators, has finally received an Icon Series skin after years of grinding. However, while he was celebrating on launch day, his YouTube stream crashed amid all the hype.

Dexerto says “Getting an Icon Series skin is a big deal in Fortnite. Epic usually only hands them out to top content creators, like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. So when Australian Fortnite star Lazarbeam finally got his face into the game, he went all out to celebrate. His stream celebrating the release of his “tradie” Fortnite skin was meant to be a big affair, uniting his community on “the biggest day of [his] Fortnite career.”


Instead though, things didn’t go to plan. As his viewership kept rising his internet could not handled it and died. Bringing an end to one of his most hype broadcasts.

“Internet went down on the biggest day of my Fortnite career,” he said on Twitter. “Still felt a lot of love today for my skin debut. Legit no internet problems for 12 months then this happened.”

Lannon shared stats of the stream, which reached nearly 150,000 concurrents on YouTube. “The two-hour broadcast netted him nearly 8,000 new subscribers, and had a total watch time of nearly 200,000 hours.”

Lazarbeam has finally got his own Fortnite Icon Series skin.
Twitter: Lazarbeam

He thanked his fans for all the support despite the complications. “Today was a big day. It will be a very big week. Thanks for all the love,” he said before going live.

Source(s) Lazarbeam, Dexerto

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