Following its delay out of 2020, PvP survival game Rust has taken a huge step closer to its release on console, and you can now sign up for the beta.

Gamebyte says “Rust is one of those odd cases in gaming. Despite initially releasing in Steam Early Access on PC back in 2013 and not getting its full release until 2018, Rust has been one of those survival games that have suddenly had a huge surge in popularity.


For a while now gamers have been wondering when a console version of Rust will arrive.

Well my patient Rust fans, that arrival has taken a big step closer to becoming a reality with the announcement that a “limited” beta is on the way for Rust: Console Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”


According to the Rust newsletter:

“This test is designed to stress our servers with an increasing number of players. We are going to start small and then continue to add more players over the next few weeks.

“Things are likely to break and you should expect them to.”

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Facepunch Studios

As the name suggests, this being a limited beta for Rust: Console Edition, so it’s reasonable to believe that not every person will be able to play the beta.

Source(s) Facepunch Studios, gamebyte, Facepunch

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