Summit1g’s girlfriend almost gets jealous over female NPC in GTA RP

Summit1g has been playing GTA RP in the NoPixel server relentlessly on Twitch and most of the time he’s having fun, but he found himself in a tricky situation after speaking to the Casino dealer. 


The Diamond Casino hasn’t always existed in the fun world of roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto. Actually, NoPixel has just opened the doors to the casino on February 18, and has made for some hilarious moments.

GTA V Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games

Casino dealer gets summit1g in trouble on GTA RP’s NoPixel

Dexerto stated “Sitting around the table with a number of other people roleplaying characters, his character – Charles Johnson – followed suit and interacted with the dealer after each card was drawn.At one point he screamed “RACHEL!” after a card came out, and the timing was perfect. His girlfriend, off camera, entered his room presumably to bring some food in for him.”

After hearing this random lady’s name screamed across the room, she appeared just to ask him what was going on between them. But little did she know, Rachel was an NPC.

He said: “Baby, it’s an NPC dealer OK? Jesus, you’re f**king…”

Once she left the room, he opened up a bit more about what had happened away from the camera. Summit added: “She was like staring at me, haha!”

Source(s) Dexerto,

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