Aydan is one of the best Warzone players in the world right now, and has made his own tier list of the top Warzone pros — with some surprise names popping up.

“Warzone has become just about the most competitive battle royale there is right now, with many of the top streamers, content creators and pros from other titles finding themselves navigating Verdansk.”


Aydan who is a really good player and Twitch streamer decided to rate a list of best to worst warzone players.

The best way to find out about talents or breaking down who are the best players are, is to talk to your peers, watch pros make a tiers list, and Aydan is a great source to find out who the best players are.

Aydan on Twitch stream
Twitch: Aydan

Aydan makes Warzone tier list

Basing it on tournament placements, earnings, raw skill, and more, Aydan made the top tier very selective, and not just throwin anybody up with the top of the top players.

Dexerto says “As Aydan explains, he can’t put everyone in S but seems pretty happy with his overall selections. DiazBiffle, Rated, SuperEvan, Newbz, Tommey, Almond, and HusKerrs make up his final S-tier picks after much deliberation. –

There was much deliberation over whether HusKerrs should be in S- or A-tier, while his teammate ZLaner ended up holding the top spot in A-tier. Similarly, there were lots of calls for Jukeyz to move up, but with his lack of tournament invites, Aydan couldn’t justify the shift up from A.”

Twitch: Aydan

Other Warzone pros aren’t happy

Of course when somebody makes a list of the best players, some players will not be happy with were they are on the list. Here is what players had to say about it:

After Aiden Confirmed were he put Huskers, husker replied with “after thinking about it for 15 minutes and below three people that have placed worse than me in tournaments.”

“Similarly, Jukeyz, who many wanted to see in S-tier, had his own thoughts. “If I lived in a bin in America, I’d be in S.”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what Aydan says even though he is a very skilled player, its nice to know what he thinks but it doesn’t actually determine whether or not they are as good or as bad as he says.

Source(s) Dexerto, Aydan, Li, NRG HusKerrs, Tommey

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