GTA publishers Take-Two have shut down a fan project of reverse engineering GTA 3 and Vice City amid rumors that a remastered trilogy of classic GTA games could be released soon. 

Over the many years, Grand Theft Auto fans have played around with games that Rockstar have released, with some digging into the code to improve upon the normal release.


Dexerto says “That’s given us some hilarious mods, the rise of GTA RP, as well as different cities and modern graphics for GTA 5. Of course, Rockstar and Take-Two – the publishers behind GTA – own the copyrights and can strike down modders if they choose to do so. They did recently go after GTA Online cheat sellers.”

However, they have just shut down any fan projects  that was reverse engineering both GTA 3 and Vice City to bring the games up to date with a few modern changes. 

Rockstar Games

This project was being made by GTA Fans, and were working over the course of multiple years and showing how they have changed the titles.

“As RockstarIntel noted, the DMCA request from Take-Two was posted on GitHub, showing that they’d shut down all the files that were being used in the reverse engineering project. 

The full DMCA takedown notice accompanies these files on the GitHub page, showing the complete copyright claim. It shows that they’d taken fair use into context but in this situation, it wasn’t quite applicable.”

What’s interesting to some GTA fans is that the takedown of the project comes amid rumors that Rockstar will be releasing their own remastered trilogy for GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. 

Source(s) Dexerto, RockstarGames

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