Call of Duty 2021 leak claims new CoD will be set in World War 2 again

A new leak regarding the 2021 Call of Duty release suggests the game will once again have a World War II setting, just four years after the release of Call of Duty: WWII

“While the earliest Call of Duty games were focused almost exclusively in the World War 2 setting, the franchise has expanded tremendously since then and covered warfare in both modern and historical, real and fictional.


Sledgehammer Games, who developed WWII back in 2017, are slated to be producing CoD 2021 according to leaks and rumors coming out — and they’re looking to revisit the setting once more.

Known leaker Victor_Z dropped a subtle hint at what they’ve heard about the new game coming out this year — with simply a hammer emoji and an image of the CoD: WWII cover art.”


Back to WW2 for CoD 2021?

One user asked if it would be World War 3, perhaps as a direct sequel to World War II, allowing Sledgehammer to develop their world a little further and provide a similar experience.

Victor replied to with only saying “WWII” which implies that the setting of the next COD will be during WWII.

Sledge Hammer was suppose to release another Call of Duty in 2020 but it was replaced with Black Ops instead. “It was never quite made clear why this change was made, but it has given SHG a little extra time to make this game exactly how they want it.”

Source(s) Dexerto, Victor__z

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