Among Us is still one of the most popular video games on YouTube according to the platform’s star Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, despite claims that many top creators have become burnt out.

No game saw a crazy rise quite like Among Us did in 2020. The game became a sensation for months on end with the world’s most popular names all jumping in lobbies together and joining the fun.

As the game went crazy everywhere, so too did YouTube’s very own Valkyrae. Thanks to her consistent grind throughout the year, she overtook Pokimane to become the most watched female streamer of the year.


Despite many internet celebs moving on from Among Us in 2021, it is still a massive game. In fact it still shocks most of us that Among us content is getting millions per video.


“Surprisingly people are still enjoying it,” she said in the 3rd episode of The CouRage & Nadeshot Show. “There’s still views for it on YouTube. I definitely have the most viewers when I play Among Us on YouTube and the videos do really well.”

After many crazy and exciting collaborations on this popular game, Among Us still remains supreme to most games. “People still really enjoy it, not so much the game itself but the way people interact with each other.”

Valkyrae says “I personally am not burnt out,” she emphasized. “I just wish they would add more content faster.

“They have a new map coming… It’s taking a very long time, I’m actually surprised. I feel like they’re missing out on this wave of popularity by taking this long.

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Valkyrae’s YouTube streams and videos still pull millions of views, with certain Among Us content soaring well above anything else.

Her hope is that when the new map becomes available, other marquee streamers will “come back for a few months.”

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