Shroud explains why OfflineTV Rust season 3 may struggle to compete with GTA RP

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has voiced his concern that fewer people may play OfflineTV’s season 3 Rust server as the wipe is occurring the day before No Pixel’s 3.0 GTA RP update.

OfflineTV’s Rust server has expanded the 2013 survival game to the top of Twitch in recent months. The new RP server has attracted a range of huge personalities, one of which is former Counter-Strike pro and Twitch streamer shroud.


“After playing countless hours of Rust on the RP server, shroud opted to take a break from the game before OfflineTV’s Rust season 3 begins this February. However, OfflineTV’s Rust server isn’t the only new and fresh role-playing experience available to check out this month. GTA V’s No Pixel server is releasing a brand new update in a similar time period to OfflineTV’s Season 3 reset.”

Shroud has voiced his opinion that OfflineTV’s Rust server may have a lot fewer people playing, as it will have to compete with No Pixel 3.0.

roleplaying server gta
Rockstar Games

GTA V ‘No Pixel’ is a massively popular roleplaying server.

Shroud concerned OTV Rust Season 3 may lose players to No Pixel

During hJune’s stream on January 31, shroud said so the OfflineTV’s Rust season 3 reset being so close to the release of No Pixel 3.0 update.

Shroud spoke about this and his concern that fewer players may end up joining the Rust server as No Pixel may steal some of there time on the RP Rust Sever: “The only downside is that the wipe is so soon to No Pixel 3.0, that I worry people won’t play Rust as they’ll wanna play No Pixel.”

Although it’s a shame both server updates are occurring at a similar time, you can guarantee they’ll be plenty of players on both. Of course, a lot of the popularity between each of the servers will be down to which big streamers are playing on them at the time.

Source(s) Dexerto

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