Bizarre Warzone bug doesn’t show zone circle

A strange Warzone bug is affecting players by literally not showing them the zone circle — leaving them unaware of where to land or rotate.

Warzone is now know as one of the worlds most buggiest games and they rarely fix those bugs. Frustrating players on a seemingly endless loop, with the likes of the stim glitch and invisibility glitch regularly rearing their ugly heads.


“This issue, though, is completely random, and seems to be affecting the Buy Back modes — in the example here, BR Buy Back Solos.”

Being in the circle is very important so you wont die in the poisonous gas. But its kinda hard to know were the circle is going to be if you cant see it.

Website: Activision

Dexerto says “What’s worse in the instance here, and what makes it look to be a Buy Back bug and perhaps not one affecting every mode in the game, is that HungLikeALemur doesn’t spawn in with the standard $4500, essentially making the game significantly harder off the rip.”

It’s unclear for how long Lemur was unable to see the circle for and where he was meant to be going, there was no sign of it on the map.

Youtube: HungLikeALemur

As you can see, this could ruin the match for the player and you can imagine that this probably happens more than one match a day. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this situation and do you think they will every fix it.

Source(s) Dexerto, HungLikeALemur, Activision

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