The Xbox series X has a stunning controller, even though it is close to looking like the Xbox One but it still has some great features. It features a better D-pad, textured grips, improved shoulder buttons and a USB-C port for charging. However, the Xbox Series X controller will soon have one major advantage over its predecessor: a slick red-and-white colorway.

Microsoft announced the Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red in a blog post, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This controller is identical to the Blue, White, and Black Xbox Series X controller that are currently on the market. Like other Series X controllers, it works with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.


“There are two drawbacks to this striking peripheral, however. The first is that it will retail for $65 rather than the standard $60 that the black and white controllers command. This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who’s bought the blue Xbox Series X controller, as that colorway also commanded an extra $5 premium,” says tomsguide.

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This device wont be out until February 9th, so if you need a controller right away, you’ll have to stick with black, white or blue.

“The one big flaw of the Xbox Series X controller (the Pulse Red model included) is that it runs on replaceable AA batteries rather than rechargeable packs by default. Microsoft has essentially passed a necessary cost onto the consumer, since it’ll cost you a lot more than $25 in the long run if you choose to use disposable batteries in the device,” says tomsguide

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