Mr Beast is undoubtedly one of the best and well know streamers on the platform of Youtube. The community knows him for his notorious challenges and for his love of walking down the roads less traveled.

It seems as that Mr Beast is yet again setting up for another awesome and fun game of Finger on the App. Reports suggest that the popular YouTuber is bringing back one of his most fabled games- Finger on the App. It will kick start on Friday, December 29 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

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Over the life span of his Youtube channel, he is notorious for giving away huge prizes and large sums of money to his friends, contestants who partake in his videos, and even strangers at times.

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Unlike the other session of Finger on the app, MrBeast is raising the steaks even more than last time. He is awarding the winner of the game an outstanding $100,000 dollars!

MrBeast is back with an updated version of his illustrious game

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He has been crossing various milestones in recent times and with 46.3M subscribers as of now; he has added another one to his belt.

Jimmy (his real name) has surpassed the worlds total population with his channel views on his Youtube. The YouTuber’s main channel has 7,835,227,782 views, which just about shades the current world population which is at approximately 7,825,625,395.

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The successful YouTuber launched his Finer on the app in June with a prize of $25,000, and to his surprise he had 1.1 million people sign up and over 300,000 were still playing after the 3 hour mark.

“After spending over 70 hours, Jimmy awarded the four remaining contestants with $20,000. The YouTuber has dubbed the latest version as Finger on the App 2 and it boasts a ridiculous sum of money for the winner,” says essentiallysports

For those who think they can beat the system your wrong. The new version of the app makes you follow a circle on the screen so you can’t place an object on the screen .

MrBeast’s Finger on the App 2 is available on iPhone and Android devices now. May the best player win!

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