The crazy world of Cyberpunk is all around fun and exciting. But now there is a really cool feature that allows players to fly to new height. Literally, it allows players to fly around the map for fun and mess around. But sadly this trick is only for Story mode so don’t try it anywhere else.

How to fly in Cyberpunk 2077

“This trick was discovered by Reddit user u/Heimgang, who posted a clip of it in the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit. First you need to make sure that you didn’t punch or kill Fingers. This process will not work if you did either of those things, and you’ll have to start a new playthrough,” says

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You need to visit the Ripperdoc in Westbrook, and purchase the Epic variants of the Fortified Ankles. This piece of futuristic equipment in Cyberpunk will allow V to be able to hover across NIght City Make sure you don’t purchase the regular variants, since they will not grant you this ability. 

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Then you will need to visit Then you need to visit a get yourself a Kerenzikov implant from any Ripperdoc in the city. This allows you to slow down and jump further distances than what you could before. Both of these items will get you halfway into the air, and then you need to perform a simple trick.

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“Here’s how you can fly:

  1. Aim down your gun’s sights.
  2. Spam the moving forward button (Up on controller + W on PC).
  3. Hold the jump button (X/A on PlayStation/XBOX and Space on PC).

This will send V flying across Night City, and you’ll gain access to brand new vantage points that you couldn’t reach before. You can see this trick in the clip below.”

Thats all you need to make V fly in Cyberpunk 2077. The only downside to this is that there’s really no incentive to getting to these higher areas. You won’t find any hidden easter eggs or secrets there, so ultimately you won’t really get anything substantial from this trick. Hopefully one day CD Projekt Red will implement some new features that add more impressive content to the skyscrapers, such as collectibles or paths.

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