Can’t get a new PlayStation 5 or Xbox? Check out the Kentucky Fried Chicken console.

If a Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X has been hard for you to get your hands on this year, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) might have another option.

Yes KFC has announced there new console coming out. It was built by Cooler Master, a computer hardware manufacturing company. It features an Intel NUC 9 Compute Element, a one-terabyte SSD, an ASUS graphics card and a “hot swappable” graphics processing unit, according to the KFConsole’s page on Cooler Master.

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And Because it was made by KFC the bucket-shaped system also comes with the “world’s first built in chicken chamber.” It’s a storage space that uses the gaming system’s natural heat and airflow in order to keep chicken warm.

Video Credit: KFC Gaming

“Gaming consoles are made to evolve,” said KFC Gaming in the reveal video for the console. “Welcome to the next level in gaming innovation.”

Read More: Playstation end of year discounts on big games says “The system supports virtual reality games and runs at up to 240 frames per second for all games, according to the online reveal for the console. It also supports 4k gaming.” There doesn’t look to have a disc slot so all the games might appear to be digital.

Source(s), KFC Gaming,

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