Grand Theft Auto V has been around for almost 8 years, and which came out in 2013. This game has been around for so long due to the fact of GTA online and all the heist and vehicle updates that have been going on.

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Heists and other missions in the world of GTA Online have usually required 2 or more players to start the mission and be able to complete them. However in the new Cayo Perico Heist update, the heist allows you to have a single player experience rather than connecting with other players online or having to find friends to play.

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Recently, GQ spoke with Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard from Rockstar Games. During there conversation they were talking about more GTA Online Single player content updates. gameranx said “The duo spoke about how both aspects of completing the heist could be appealing to players. For instance, you have planning options with players in how to go about the missions which may make it easier if executed correctly. However, if you go solo then you have the entire cut from this heist without needing to share the profits with other players. Overall, having this option will likely play a big role in the future updates released for Grand Theft Auto.”


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