YouTuber Nintendrew managed to get new release Cyberpunk 2077 to run on his Nintendo Switch, and some people think it could even be better than the PS4 which has experienced an array of issues since launch.

Ever since the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 people have been hyping it up like crazy and couldn’t wait to play. However as the game launched people started to have fun, then quickly had a strong hatred for the game. On Xbox and PS4 there were countless glitches and bugs that it almost made the game un-playable and not fun.

This led to an unprecedented move by Sony to refund players, and pull the game from the store altogether.

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One smart YouTuber, Nintendrew, decided that they would take their shot at getting the divisive game to run on their Nintendo Switch, a seemingly impossible feat.

He stated that he wanted to focus on the quality of the gameplay and graphics and to make them better than the Xbox and the PS4. Nintendrew also wanted to ensure it had full joycon support.

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The YouTuber did also issue a warning to any viewers who might be tempted to try and take Cyberpunk on the go with them using this method, as the use of modifications has the potential to brick the device.

Can you play Cyberpunk 2077 on a Switch?

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Using Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia, this YouTuber got Cyberpunk 2077 up and running on his Switch, and the results were certainly impressive.

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He was able to get the game running on the Switch with Full speed, everything works fully operational, and he made it playable on 1080p.

The feat is certainly an impressive one, and it may well end up tempting some dissatisfied PS4 users to give this slightly risky process a try.

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