“Microsoft is teaming up with Disney+ to produce new Xbox Series X controllers inspired by the hit Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian. This isn’t the first unlikely partnership Xbox has taken on to promote its new console. Last month fast food chain Bojangles unveiled a special console skin for the Xbox Series X, dressing up the next-gen system as a box of Bojangles’ fried chicken. This bizarre crossover was won by a single lucky follower on Twitter.”

These new Next Gen Consoles have been insane, especially the PS5’s. All of the Next Gen Consoles were sold out the second they hit the market in early November. Many people went crazy because lots of people used bots to be able to get the Consoles before anybody else. On eBay, there were many scammers selling “PS5” and “xbox” on eBay. But there were also mnay people buying the new consoles and reselling them for $500 or more. They made over $60 million dollars reselling Next Gen Consoles.

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screenrat.com says “But these critical supply chain obstacles haven’t stopped Xbox from rewarding those lucky customers who actually managed to get their hands on a new console. Today Xbox Wire (via Game Rant) announced a pair of special edition Xbox Series X controllers themed after The Mandalorian. Since the show tragically does not have a video game adaptation, these controllers are instead being released to celebrate the premiere of the show’s season 2 finale on December 18th. One controller features the Child wielding the force, while the other depicts the titular Mandalorian, decked out in his iconic Beskar armor. The controllers are not available for retail; fans will have to retweet the Xbox sweepstakes Twitter post to enter for a chance to win these exclusive accessories, which will be sent in a special Star Wars-themed mailer.”

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Cross promotions are nothing new to the gaming community; especially xbox. Xbox has done many cross promotions with other companies such as Halo etc. Some of these promotions make more sense than others, and some of them are certainly stranger than others too. But fans of The Mandalorian would be hard pressed to take issue with these special edition Xbox Series X controllers.

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