What Disease Does YouTuber MrBeast Have?

Many of people will know who MrBeast is, and if you don’t then you don’t have Youtube. MrBeast is a worldwide sensation and has a Youtube Chanel with over 48 million subscribers! While MRBeast is know for his Stunt video and prank videos, he is also known for giving away tons of expensive items and even money.

He continued to keep his Chanel alive and well. He switches up his videos by thinking of fun and creative ways to give away more money. Over the Years the 22 year old has given out prizes in almost all of his videos and widely considered one of YouTube’s top contributors.

MrBeast has a unrivaled platform compared to the rest of these other Youtuber’s. While his career is envied by many, he’s also been battling some health issues. What disease does MrBeast have? 

Image Credit: Box Jonno

What disease does MrBeast have? He’s spread awareness about Crohn’s disease.

distractify.com states “Since joining YouTube in 2011 to post video game content, MrBeast has sporadically discussed his long-term battle with Crohn’s disease. It’s an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that most commonly affects the end of the small intestine to the colon. 

He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was in ninth grade. Before his diagnosis, MrBeast said that he was getting sick nearly every day, that he was in extreme pain, and that he lost 30 pounds in one summer. 

Afterward, he was put on medication which, in conjunction with an altered diet, allowed him to feel much better.

According to ChronsColitisFoundation.org, Crohn’s disease impacts more than three million Americans. It’s most common for those with the disease to be diagnosed in early adolescence or between the ages of 20 and 30.”

Video Credit: MrBeast

“Crohn’s isn’t the worst thing ever,” he says that people has way worse disease than me, there are way worse things out there than Crohns Disease.

There are multiple types of Crohn’s disease, and MrBeast is most affected by it when he eats certain triggering foods. When he eats one of these foods, he shared, he gets “unbearable” pain.

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