There are Go-Karts coming to GTA and if your quick enough you can get it for free.

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If any of you GTA players are looking for a new way to cruise the streets of Los Santos this may be the ride for you. You only have a short window to get this special vehicle so you better hurry and claim it as fast as you can. To get players on the mood for the new update The Cayo Perico Heist Rockstar gave the community a challenge. This challenge consisted of as a community we had to get $1 trillion dollars in total heist takes. The community smashed that goal, because the GTA community is so strong and Rockstar has been working on the new Go-Karts for a while and they are finally out.

How to claim the Go-Kart for free

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The great part about this prize is their is a super easy process to gain access to the Go-Kart. All you half to do is pay GTA Online between December 18th- December 20th. Then head to the Southern San Andreas Autos website and claim your free Go-Kart. But as from December 21 the GTA Online Dinka Veto Classic will officially go on sale and anyone who didn’t claim it in time will have to spend their GTA$ in order to get it.


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