The Dragon Breath shotgun is a new gun they added within the world of Fortnite and many people have mixed emotions about it.

The Only negative thing people had to say about the new season is the vaulting of the pump shotgun. The Fan favorite weapon was vaulted just to get the dragons Breath shotgun some recognition and get people onboard with it.

The current state of this new shotgun is underwhelming man say as they use it. It light wooden structures on fire and deals a decent amount of damage. But it has 1 shot and it takes a little while to reload which is why many players aren’t favoring that shotgun.

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After using the new weapon, Ninja saw the problems that so many players have been complaining about. It’s not an ideal gun for Solo play, and the long reload time makes it incredibly punishing to use.

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“What kind of a s*** gun is that, man?” Ninja exclaimed after dying and mocking the reload speed of the weapon. “If you’re gonna make it have four bullets – but it all shoots in one – at least let me stop loading the gun at one, two, or three and make the damage fall off.”

Ninja thinks this gun is the worst gun in the game, and if Ninja’s suggestions came true and taken into consideration, many players would hop on the Dragon Breath Shotgun and it would be a OP gun in the world of Fortnite.

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