The Best xbox games of 2020

We all know that 2020 is coming to a close and many people have been playing video games non-stop ever since the Covid pandemic hit. Ever since then, Xbox has had so many new and more active players on their consoles. Now many people have been looking for some new fun and exciting games because the fact that many of their old games are getting either old or boring.

The best Xbox games can rage from RPG’s to First Person Shooters. Whether you are wanting to put your thumbs through a workout or sink into the Virtual world of Video games, Xbox has the right games for you.

The Best Xbox Games to Buy:

1. Doom Eternal

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Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.The only thing they fear… is you.Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power in DOOM Eternal – the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.Discover the Slayer’s origins and his enduring mission to RAZE HELL.”

2. Gears 5

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Gears 5 is the biggest and most beautiful entry yet in Microsoft’s enduring third-person shooter franchise, and one of the best Xbox One games yet. Focusing this time on Kait Diaz and her quest to understand her Locust heritage, Gears 5’s ambitious campaign mixes in vehicular open-world exploration to complement the most satisfying and dynamic cover shooting the series has seen yet. Fans of the first four games will probably want to pick this one up, if only to see how the ongoing story continues to advance.”


3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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“Ready for a real challenge? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest brutal action-RPG from Dark Souls developer From Software, forcing you to carefully hack your way through a mythological version of 16th-century Japan full of monstrous enemies looking to kill you. Sekiro stands out from the Dark Souls formula with its sense of mobility, as you can grapple-hook from ledge to ledge and switch between stances to catch your enemy off-guard.

Sekiro is already being hailed as one of the best (and hardest) From Software games yet, as there’s no real way to grind for better stats — only your skill will get you through. Still, there are ways to mitigate the game’s challenge, through careful observation of your environment and smart management of your limited skill set. Sekiro isn’t impossible; it only seems that way at first glance.”



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