I think we all know that after a while the same radio stations get repetitive. I think many player will be happy to hear GTA V is getting new radio stations! The people behind the scenes of the game said that the new radio stations will be called The Music Locker, Still Slipping Los Santos, and last but not least Kult FM 99.1. These radio stations will cover the genera from House and Disco to Iggy Pop and Joy Division. Many people are mad about the lack of country music in the game but hopefully there will be more radio updates.

In addiction to the 250 new songs and the three new radio stations the other stations will get brand new updates.

The official blurb reads as:

Alongside the grand opening of The Music Locker and its new slate of resident DJs, GTA Online’s musical universe further expands at the launch of The Cayo Perico Heist with the addition of three new radio stations, as well as brand new mixes arriving on hit stations FlyLo FM and Worldwide FM, for a whopping total of over 250 new tracks, making this the biggest ever musical update to GTA Online.


This really shows how big of an update this will be and how important this update will be to the community. pureplaystation.com states “But as they have already outlined their plans for a PlayStation 5 native edition, I can hardly say I’m surprised. In fact, just take this as the first of many refreshes to come to GTA Online over the coming months. Because the face lift has been a long time coming”

Source(s) pureplaystation.com, autoevolution.com

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