After years and years of the hype, Cyberpunk finally came out and there are mixed emotions about the game. But hence the open world experience of Cyberpunk this had many people comparing it to GTA V.

Expectations were sky-high for Cyberpunk, possibly to its detriment. Some of it could be blamed on the marketing they did, or fans got their hopes too high and the game didn’t turn out how they wanted.

Despite setting the bar high in some spots, other parts weren’t so great. But there are some parts of the game are notoriously buggy especially on consoles. So what does this mean for the next installment of GTA? There’s more than one thing that Rockstar can take away from Cyberpunk’s launch, but one thing stands out.

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It’s also of note that ‘old gen’ consoles are suffering the most with Cyberpunk’s performance issues. GTA V was released first on the previous-gen (Xbox 360 & PS3), before coming to the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

However, with GTA 6 still not even announced, it’s possible that Rockstar will forego a PS4 and Xbox One release, and just put their next GTA on current-gen consoles only – potentially avoiding the embarrassing performance plaguing Cyberpunk.

Bad graphics on Cyberpunk 2077
Image Credit: cdprojektred is a good reliable source that tells us what GTA 6 graphic setting should be. states“An example of some of the graphic issues tripping up players on previous-gen consoles.

“Cyberpunk should have never come to old gen. I know the possible sales yada yada. But what did they expect…” another fan wrote on the GTA 6 subreddit.

Reddit user PrimG84 (via GameRant) said that the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is “why a developer should not reveal a game eight years before its release,” and rather keep working in silence until they’re ready to announce.

At the time of writing, absolutely nothing official has been confirmed about the next GTA game – for all we know it doesn’t exist at all. Presumably, Rockstar have been working on a new entry in the series for some time, but all we have to go on currently are rumors and fan theories.”

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