This new Fortnite Sing Along emote was added to the store for the spirit of Christmas and for the Holiday. This new emote is like no other, this emote is a cooperative emote. If a team of multiple people played the Sing Along Emote they will all get a different effect and will make a beautiful choir.

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The new sing along emote was just added to the store and is a limited time emote, so player interested in it better get it fast! However this emote was added on December 10th to be exact and is leaving the store on December 14th. Its being sold for 200 V-Bucks, it really doesn’t get any more cheaper.

Player looking for emotes to do with teammates or friends, then you better pick this up before it leaves the store. The best part of Fortnite emotes is matching them up with ridiculas skins and funny back blings.

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