Valkyrae also know as Rachell Hofstetter just snagged one of the most important awards in the gaming community. She one the Content Creator of the year! Her competitors were Nickmercs, TimTheTatMan, and more.

Many Content Creators have saved many people from dying of bordem and entertained people throughout this whole Corona Virus. It forced people to stay indoors and still have fun.

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People started paying games, watch their favorite steamers play those games, and watch them talk about the game.

As a result there have been many great streamers that have gained a great viewership, Valkyrae’s Youtube actually just reached the 2 million milestone. Valkyrae was also the most wacthed Female streamer of the month of November.

Valkyrae gained a decent amount of a following after she started playing games and Content Creation. There was no stopping her after that, she took the gaming community by storm and become a super well know streamer. She was voted the “Fastest Growing Live Streamer In The World” and “The Biggest Female Gaming Streamer In The World” by Ryan Wyatt.

Congratulations to @Valkyrae on winning Content Creator of the Year at #TheGameAwards!

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Originally tweeted by 100 Thieves (@100Thieves) on December 11, 2020.

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