Valkyrae fans arent happy about Logan Pual and Valkyrae may possibly be Dating

Valkyrae Fans are hating on Youtube star Logan Paul after Mike Majlak hints that Logan is interested in Valkyrae.

Valkyrae use to be a avid Twitch streamer but eventually made a household name for herself on the Streaming/Video platform Youtube. It seems as her fame and her clout has got some other influencers to notice her including Logan Paul.

Coming out of the announcemnt that Logan is Boxing Floyd Mayweather, Logans Friend Mike Majlak was talking to the owner of 100 Thieves Nadeshot, Mike was hinting at Logan having Feeling for Valkyrae.

Video Credit: Jake Lucky

Speaking about Logan, Mike mentioned that him and Josie Canseco had broken up which at that point many people knew. But it shocked Nadeshot. Nadeshot was not aware of the breakup and was shocked.

“Logan is like, recently single too, and he keeps asking me about Valkyrae,” Majlak explained. “Is she single?” explained that “Nadeshot relayed that, to his knowledge, Rae isn’t currently seeing anyone, leading to a humorous conversation between the two as to her interests; but it doesn’t look like the internet is too enthusiastic about this possibility.”

Many coments were made at Nadeshot for even mentionig the idea.

Twitter Comment:

Image Credit:

Their were many twitter tweets telling Logan to stay away from Valkyrae


Tweet Credit: SamjaySJ
Tweet Credit: Smulzy

Valkyrae tweeted on her behalf to speak out against this

Tweet Credit: Valkyrae

Sorry Logan looks like your going to have to look elsewere because she obviously isn’t interested 😦

Source(s) Jake Lucky, Valkyrae, Smulzy, SamjaySJ,

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