Fortnite characters have been a resent additon to the world of Fortnite as of the new season. Many people were confused on what they did and the impact of what they did. There was also a new currency in Fortnite called Gold. Gold was a way you could be able to interact with the characters on the Fortnite map. Each character has different options for example, one character could be selling a weapon while the other could be selling bounty’s. The way you purchase these weapons or bounty’s from these characters is Gold. You get Gold by either completing bounties or killing players.

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There is a whopping 40 characters in the world of Fortnite. In the map above it shows the locations of each Fortnite characters, but some of them are in different spots depending on the game you’re in. If someone else in your match has hired the character he will not be available anymore during that game.

The List of all the characters and were they are:

  • 09) Brutus – Dirty Docks
  • 12) Bullseye – Steamy Stacks
  • 37A) Bunker Jonesy – Camp Cod (south of Catty Corner)
    +   37B) Bunker Jonesy – Shipwreck Cove (southeast of Catty Corner)
  • 25A) Burnout – Sweaty Sands
    +   25B) Burnout – FN Radio (southeast of Craggy Cliffs)
    +   25C) Burnout – Steamy Stacks
  • 22A) Bushranger – Salty Towers
    +   22B) Bushranger – The Orchard (southwest of Steamy Stacks)
    +   22C) Bushranger 
    – Rapid’s Rest (east of Lazy Lake)

  • 40A) Fishstick – Coral Castle
  • +   40B) Fishstick – Craggy Cliffs
  • 30) Grimbles – Fort Crumpet (northwest of Sweaty Sands)
  • 34) Kit – Catty Corner
  • 06) Kondor – Misty Meadows
  • 19A) Kyle – Weeping Woods
  • +   19B) Kyle – Lumber Lodge (southwest of Misty Meadows)
  • 20A) Cole – Retail Row (camp to the north)
    +   20B) Cole – Shipwreck Cove (southeast of Catty Corner)
  • 10) Deadfire – Sheriff’s Office (southwest of Colossal Coliseum)
  • 33A) Doggo – Pleasant Park
    +   33B) Doggo – Retail Row
  • 23A) Dummy – Pleasant Park
    +   23B) Dummy – Compact Cars (west of Dirty Docks)
  • 32) Farmer Steel – Farm (east of Colossal Coliseum)
  • 13) Bandolier – Flushed Building (southeast of Slurpy Swamp)
  • 35A) Beef Boss – Logjam Woodworks (northwest of Slurpy Swamp)
    +   35B) Beef Boss – Durrr Burger Food Truck (east of Stealthy Stronghold)
  • 18A) Big Chuggus – Shanty Town (west of Slurpy Swamp)
    +   18B) Big Chuggus – Slurpy Swamp
  • 38A) Bigfoot – Weeping Woods
    +   38B) Bigfoot – Coast (southwest of Misty Meadows)
    +   38C) Bigfoot 
    – Coast (southeast of Catty Corner)
    +   38D) Bigfoot 
    – Coast (southeast of Retail Row)
  • 16A) Blaze – Timber Tent (south of Sweaty Sands)
    +   16B) Blaze – Pristine Point (northwest of Steamy Stacks)
  • 01) Lexa – Hunter’s Haven
  • 14) Longshot – Misty Meadows
  • 04) Mancake – Butter Barn (north of Hunter’s Haven)
  • 07) Mandalorian – Fortnite Razor Crest (southeast of Colossal Coliseum)
  • 05) Mave – Shipwreck Cove (southeast of Catty Corner)

  • 02) Reese
     – Dirty Docks
  • 17A) Remedy – Hilltop House (northeast of Pleasant Park)
    +   17B) Remedy – Craggy Cliffs
  • 39) Ruckus – Hydro 16 (east of Slurpy Swamp)
  • 29A) Sleuth – Sweaty Sands
    +   29B) Sleuth – Retail Row
  • 24A) Sparkplug – Gas Station (north of Slurpy Swamp)
    +   24B) Sparkplug – Hydro 16 (gas station to the south)
    +   24C) Sparkplug
     – Lazy Lake
  • 03) Menace – Colossal Coliseum
  • 27A) Outcast – Sweaty Sands
    +   27B) Outcast – Flopper Pond (northeast of Holly Hedges)
  • 21) Ragnarok – Viking Vessel (west of Holly Hedges)
  • 28A) Rapscallion – Holly Hedges
    +   28B) Rapscallion – Lazy Lake
  • 08) The Reaper – Boost Pad (west of Sweaty Sands)

  • 15) Splode 
    – Unremarkable Shack (northeast of Stealthy Stronghold)
  • 31) Sunflower – The Orchard (southwest of Steamy Stacks)
  • 36A) Tomato Head – The Pizza Pit (northeast of Colossal Coliseum)
    +   36B) Tomato Head – Pizza Pete’s Food Truck (southeast of Slurpy Swamp)
  • 11) Triggerfish – Crashed Cargo (west of Sweaty Sands)
  • 26A) Turk – Steamy Stacks
    +   26B) Turk – Lake Canoe (southwest of Dirty Docks)
    +   26C) Turk
     – Lazy Lake Island (southwest of Lazy Lake)

What do the Fortnite characters do? This is the list of what the characters could possibly do:

  • Quest – Take on a quick task, such as harvesting a particular material
  • Upgrade – Improve your equipped weapon, if upgradable
  • Bounty – Eliminate a specific opponent within the time limit
  • Duel – Defeat the Character in combat to collect their weapon
  • Hire – Recruit the Character to fight alongside you

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