Guy buys ps5 on ebay and gets a chunck on concrete

The PS5 is a hot commodity right now and everyone wants one. This opened up a huge scamming scene for many scammers out there. Many scammers use bots to buy the PS5 and then go on Ebay and list them. Many PS5 on Ebay go for $1,000 or more and many scammers are making a lot of money. says “The Orem Police Department said the unidentified (for good reason) 38-year-old man ordered the PS5 from eBay for $878. Despite the systems selling for just $499 in stores, due to limited supplies and heavy demand, the second-hand price would not be considered exorbitant.

When the package finally arrived at his Utah doorstep, the man found a new PlayStation 5 box inside. But inside that box was not the latest in gaming technology, but a big chunk of concrete. Talk about getting a lump of coal in your stocking!”

The Police said that he should get his money back and it’s only right. But thanks to Ebay’s seller/buyer Seller protection it lets you know if they don’t have any reviews or even bad reviews.


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