If you are looking for dog houses in Fortnite, then the first place you should snoop around is the residential areas of the map. You could often find these dog houses in he back of certain houses in the residential areas. Once you’r in the right area it’s almost impossible to miss them. They are bright red made of wooden slats and super bright. Some would even have a chest inside as a extra bonus. For Fortnite’s week 2 challenges, one if the challenges is to be able to find and destroy three of the dog houses. So knowing we’re to look for these dog houses could save you a lot of time and effort. Their are several places were these dog houses could be found so this quest will be very easy, so you can quickly move on to your next task in Fortnite.

Image Credit: Epic Games

On this map there are all of the Fortnite dog houses that we’ve found so far. There are plenty of dog houses in most of the POI’s so this challenge can be very manageable in one game. The two main POI that you should be looking to go to are Pleasent Park and Retail Row because they both have six dog houses which means you have a opportunity to get your challenges done within one game. Aside from all that Holly Hedges is a good spot to drop as-well because they have three dog houses in the town and one dog house a little outside of the town. Therefore there are many places you can go to complete your quest… so get at it.

Source(s) Epic Games, gamesradar.com, IntheLittlewood

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