Operation Christa Kringle is what local Youtuber Christina Coupon says after paying $3,000 worth of groceries for residents that day. Christina Coupon is a Youtuber who saves money with coupons and teaches people how to get them. She is also known for sharing extreme coupon tips and spreading the Holiday spirit.

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Christina is a extreme couponer and spend as least at possible. On Christina’s Youtube she has a bunch of challenges on spending 1 penny at stores. But this time she changed the motive around. Christina spent close to $3,000 to help pay for residents groceries to help spread the Christmas Spirit. She is calling it Operation Christina Kringle.

Her team randomly paid for people groceries at Max Meadow’s Food Country. “I think that it’s important especially right now to even just ask your neighbors if they’re okay—- even if you can’t help financially and so I just hope that others can after neighbors if they’re okay help other people if they can,” Christina says after paying for residents groceries.

The pandemic has been super hard on everyone says Christina. Christina’s team does not know exaclty when they will be doing another Operation Christina Kringle, but they said they hope to do it again and spread the Christmas Spirit.

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Source(s) WDBJ7.com, Christina Coupon, Max Meadow’s Food Country

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