What a real car Designer thinks of the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is filled with many amazing fun and exciting things to do in-game. One of the most fun and memorable features in the game is driving, and the certain cars in Grand Theft Auto. There are fast, slow, insane cars available to use on a day to day basis. A famed design Frank Stephan has picked out some of his favorite and most interesting car designs for his latest video.

Video Credit: Frank Stephenson

Many of the cars in Grand Theft Auto V are modeled after the cars in real life. Some of these cars are Super cars that look exactly that same in real life, and there are some cars that look nothing like the design in real life. For example, the first car Frank Stephenson is a Pegassi Tezeract.

Image Credit: Gta.fandom.com

On the website Carscoops.com it states that in the video Frank says “This thing looks like a record-breaking hypercar in the truest sense and has an extremely aggressive front end that makes it look very violent, including with the insane wheels. Stephenson also thinks that the car is so crazy that it should actually be a single-seater as no one would want to be a passenger in this thing”

Another car Frank took interest in was the Annis S80RR as is has a close design to the Mercedes Benz C11 group R race car.

Image Credit: Cone 11

The Designer had to say that Grand Theft Auto has done great job designing it with the looks of the car. He said it had gorgeous exterior which made him very pleased. He also stated this car is a real head turner!

To learn more about what Frank Stephenson had to say about the cars design in Grand Theft Auto V, Click this link: https://youtu.be/Egz_a3NQacU

Source(s) Carscoops.com, Gta.fandom.com, Annis S80RR, Mercedes Benz C11 group R race car, Pegassi Tezeract, Frank Stephenson, techradar.com

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