A new fortnite leak has surfaced across the internet about wolves coming to fortnite. A Leaker/Streamer that goes by the name Tabor Hill, who has a accurate history of his leaks coming true, recently stated that there will be wolves or beastly creatures coming to the world of fortnite.

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Tabor Hill was the streamer behind all the major and huge season 3 leaks that revealed the flood that came to Fortnite that season. Leaking information was super controversial because many people wanted to be surprised at the new season, but some people did enjoy the leaks and wanted to know what was going on.

Credit: Tabor Hill

Tabor said he wasn’t going to spoil too much about the new season as of right now because all of the controversy going on with him right now. Slashgear.com says “but he does have a couple of hints about things that may arrive in the newly released Season 5: a giant chicken skin and wolves — or, he notes, some kind of beast that resembles wolves.”

Tabor says that these wolves will appear to be wild and running around the map. Tabor says there might be a way for players too tame these beast like creatures. Now Tabor has no idea if you will be able to attack opponents with these Creatures or even do any damage to them, but if there is one thing i know there will be a 99% chance these are coming to the game.

Source(s) Slashgear.com, Tabor Hill, Fortnite

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