One of the most terrifying experiences for the twitch chat after some twitch streamer fires a real gun out of his window after dying in game. A small time streamer was playing a game of Call of Duty Warzone. The stream was going as normal, the players were cracking jokes, and killing enemy’s. The small streamer just then happend to die in game, then as he was waiting for his teammate to buy him back, the streamer goes to the window and fires a Pistol off into the dark night.

This insane clip shows how to incident started and how the end result was.

The streamers name was known as Faze sWiisH in game. What he did in this clip was after he died he got angry and decided he was going to open his window and fire a whole clip of a Pistol out his window. It seemed as he lived on a ranch so nobody was harmed while the gunshots were fired, but it is still very dangerous what he did.

After the clip surfaced on social media, people tracked down his instagram and found the exact picture of the window he fired the gun out of.

Do you think twitch should permanently ban him, or even give him a penalty for doing such a terrible thing?


Robert Marino

By Marino

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