Dr Disrespect has been going around the internet making fun of the Prospect for owning a Esports Team. As part of his schtick he has been taking up all the chances he can get to let his community know what he is doing.

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While nobody’s certain about how serious Doc is about having a Esports Team, in one of Jake Lucky’s recent tweets Doc drops another hint about owing a Esports Team. The Tweet was about the top 10 most important Esports Organizations in 2020. Doc replied to is tweet with an “out-loud thought” and he expressed how his team was going to be better.

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Seeing G2 in the top 10, Doc saw that opportunity to crack a couple jokes and executed it perfectly. Doc thought that none of the teams on the list make any “Real Money”. He then goes and says:

“but my team… just wait. But im just thinking out loud. Never mind”

Doc left his thought incomplete just like all of his other hints about and Esports team. He also previously mentioned that he wanted to join the Call of Duty League with his team. He said he would name his CDL team “The San Fransisco Speed”. And instantly many of his fans fell in-love with the name in seconds.

However the CEO of Optic Gaming even managed to help Doc drop a hint about his team. The CEO donated to Docs stream and mentions Docs CDL team. There is no way Doc would bring this up so much and not be considering it or even in the process of doing it.

Doc has many sponsors, money, and fans from is previous Twitch streams and now Youtube Streams. This means if Doc really wanted to, he could start a team and make it big in the Esports scene. Therefore i wouldn’t be surprised if Doc tweeted about his new Esports team.

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