states “In addition to his rap career, Tyler, The Creator has some voice acting credits under his belt, including a 2011 guest appearance on Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show. The musician’s fans are well aware of his voice acting talents, but one particular gig seemed to slip under the radar for quite some time: Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5.”

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Tyler has confirmed that he did do voice acting for Rockstar and he did voices for some of the Pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto after some fans recognized the Young Rappers voice in game. also states “Tyler retweeted a gameplay video from Twitter user flackoyee, in which three pedestrians could be seen chatting on a sidewalk. The player zeroed in on a character with Tyler’s voice. Although he did not say too much in the conversation, one of his quotes did included, “Aye, you like potato salad? ‘Cause I like potato salad.”

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This tweet had player ecstatic about the news and went to go play heist to try and find Tyler The Creators Character. Tyler voice must have blended in well do to the fact nobody has noticed it in 7 Years.

Image Credit: also says “Rockstar Games has not always maintained great relationships with its GTA voice actors. Back in January of this year, Chris Bellard, also known as Young Maylay, made it clear that he’s not a fan of Rockstar following his voice acting gig as GTA: San Andreas’ Carl “CJ” Johnson. Maylay, along with fellow GTA voice actor Michael Hollick, felt that they were under-compensated for their roles despite the large sums of money that Rockstar has made from GTA, especially from GTA 5. Maylay has stated more than once that he will no longer work for Rockstar.”

Although Rockstar isn’t all bad, Steven Ogg the Voice of Trevor Philips in the Story Mode of GTA 5 said in an interview how this acting Job really blew his voice acting carrer up. And they generated the biggest fan base for him out of every single character in the game.

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