Team 33 goes and signes a 8 year old fortnite pro

Founder of Team 33 Tyler Gallagher said “We are beyond excited to have Joseph on our exclusive Team 33 roster.” He also stated “We have secretly been scouting talent for our roster and games over the last few years and are proud to officially sign Joseph.”

Dean one of their team members since he was six got a $33,000 signing bonus, and a whole brand new setup which was equivalent to $5,000.


Deen Stated “It’s a dream come true! While many other teams didn’t take me seriously due to my young age, Team 33 scouted me through Fortnite games and let me train and learn with them daily,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier today to become an official member of the team.”

“We made it a point to train him over the past few years because young gamers are the future, and we want to start training them early,” Gallagher said. “He has shown incredible tenacity and commitment to the team over the last two years and has trained almost daily with our team.”


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