Gta Online is getting a new nightclub which is called the Music Locker

Video Credit: @GtaGentleman

This New nightclub will be located underneath the Diamond Casino and will have real Music from real DJ’s. “So far we know that Moodymann, Keinemusik, and Palms Trax are popping up this month, and Rockstar is revealing more acts soon.” states.

Players will gain VIP access if the player owns a penthouse in the diamond casino. Rockstar Games also told people that the game Radio stations are getting some TLC. There will be whole new radio stations for players to jam out to when they are cruising the city of Los Santos. Players wont half to wait longer to find out more information because Rockstar said “in the coming days”.

Tweet Credit: @RockstarGames

Players had a slight hint about this update when in the weekly Gta update, players could go to the casino and see a spot boarded up. And if players got closer up to the building you could hear faint drum sounds.

The Gta Cayo Perico Heist update is only a few weeks away, so expect to see many more updates to Gta online after that update goes live.

Source(s) @RockstarGames,, @GtaGentleman

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