This New Time Piece is covered in FaZe Clans signature Red tiger camo. This design was an idea from when back in the day when their members would were red tiger camos on their snipers. This watch is also a commemorating item because FaZe Clans 10 year anniversary i coming up.

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This new Watch comes in a nice Red sleek tin, and the box boosting FaZe Clans Logo.

Usa.Watchpro stated Taav Cooperman, the clan’s VP of marketing, said: “G-SHOCK is a brand that all of us grew up on. We loved the idea of bringing it into our world and creating something tangible with this special collaboration, giving some of our gaming culture to the iconic brand we love so much.”

This New Limited time watch boasts the Clans Iconic triple Graph design. This watch has a bunch of features such as a backround display that says FaZe Up and a flash alert on the watch. Make sure to get one of these watches before they are gone. “FaZe Up”

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