As most of you know, the new Red Dead Redemption update was released on December 1st and players were excited. Player had concerns about the update hoping it was going to be an impactful update, and they hoped the Bounty Hunter update would spice up the game for them. Now that the players had the time to play the new update, many of them are furious.


There were many thing added to this update but the most important things are The OutLaw Pass, and the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License. The Bounty Hunter license unlocks 10 new levels and grants access to new items such as New colors for your wagon, and higher paying bounties. You do need to pay 15 gold, which is the in game currency to be able to become a Bounty Hunter.

15 gold is an extreme price to pay for a Bounty Hunter Role when the Moonshiners, and the Naturalists cost half to price of that, and arguably get more content in game. For example, the Moonshiners came with a smaller but more creative story line and a chance to own their own bar. And the Naturalists offered 2 NPC’s with different reward tracks.

The OutLaw Pass is Red Dead Redemptions Version of a BattlePass, but Players say it’s not too great this year. The OutLaw Pass only gives players the maximum of 30 gold bars, unless player purchase the OutLaw Pass within the first week which gives them a 10 gold bar bonus and a extra 400 in game dollars. stated “The sense in the community is that this change is an attempt by Rockstar to trigger fear of missing out, especially since the premium rewards seem lackluster to many fans.”


Many players of furious about the new OutLaw Pass. This is what players had to say about it:

Hope you guys like picture poses, filters, and backdrops! 🙂” wrote another, using a smiley emoticon sarcastically

“No [outfit unlocked at level 1], barely any clothes or hats, no weapon skins…just [filler items] all around,” wrote one fan on the game’s subreddit. “The only thing I really love is Arthur’s coat. Really underwhelming compared to the previous passes.”

This Update did not have many players excited, actually it had many players angry and frustrated about the game and how “unfair” it’s been to them.


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